Increase the Value of your Video Assets


New Revenue Opportunities for your Content

Content Owners need a way to access the exploding Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) marketplace available through connected televisions.

Navio provides a pathway for content providers and advertisers to reach CTV’s highly engaged audiences though the creation of its 24/7 linear channels and video on demand offerings.  

Leveraging premium content, technology and programming expertise, in-depth market and customer intelligence, and the digital footprints of its partners, Navio creates highly marketable video offerings that audiences enjoy.  

Expand the Reach of your Content & Advertising across Connected Television (CTV)

Navio provides multi-platform syndication and monetization of your content, across major CTV platforms and apps.

Navio has developed a full slate of products and services in order to help content providers reach existing and new audiences beyond their site, YouTube and social channels.

Navio CTV products and services offering includes:

Navio’s O&O 24/7 Linear CTV Channel Content Inclusion

Navio's Channel Build

Traditional CTV, Web and Mobile Video Content & Ad Syndication

Your Content across Navio Channels

Licenses premium verticalized content libraries

Packages & programs the libraries into highly curated 24/7 linear CTV channels

Distributes channels to FAST apps/platforms

Monetizes the channels leveraging its legacy advertising business to bring direct and programmatic ad demand

Drives new audiences to FAST apps/platforms based on licensors’ digital (site, social, email) footprints

Current Linear Channel Lineup

Navio continues to partner with select content providers and publishers to bring together an aggregation of the best-in-category video offering inside Navio’s own CTV channels.

SIGHTLINE -  brings together the largest collection of Military + History brands & content creators all within a single 24/7 linear CTV channel. Human tales that inspire. Stories that entertain.  News that educates. Intel that informs.

WIRED2fish - is one of the most popular recreational fishing brands in the world.  The channel features a collection of the best of the best content series from the biggest names in fishing.

QUIETUDE TV - a 24/7 linear channel providing a visual & audible experience like no other, allowing the viewer to gain a state of zen, relaxation and calmness.

HORROR MACHINE - Behold the granddaddy of all horror channels...not even the dybbuk box has this type of fear injecting power! Be prepared to stay glued to the screen and curl your toes with serial killers, super psychos, zombies, werewolves, kung fu assassins and more!

    Navio Channel Build

    Navio will build your brand a premium 24/7 CTV channel. 

    Navio will feature your content library inside the channel and if needed, we will supply additional complementary programming.
    Navio will package the channel for distribution and sell into highly trafficked CTV apps and platforms including Xumo,, The Roku Channel, Samsung TV+, Peacock and others.

    The monetization of the ad inventory will come from a mixture of the distributor's and Navio’s legacy direct and programmatic ad sales efforts.  We offer content providers a generous revenue share against the net ad revenue.  

    Navio takes on all the operational aspects of the channel - ingestion, transcoding, storage, delivery & streaming, programming, marketing & promotion, ad sales and reporting. 

    There is no financial commitment or exclusivity on the part of the content provider. 

    No cost - straight revenue share deal structure

    Traditional CTV, Web and Mobile Audience (content & ad) Extension

    Video Content + Ads syndication to 3rd party CTV apps, as well as web/mobile publishers

    Your video player (or ours) loaded with your content & pre-roll video ads syndicated across Navio’s partner site network


      ad impressions / quarter


      direct partnerships across CTV apps & web sites


      hours of content streamed / month



      Full Transparency

      Pre-approved site / app lists

      Performance Measurement

      Full stream and ad analytics

      Trusted Supply

      IAS / MOAT / DV
      ensure viewability & true audience standards

      Advanced targeting

      Geo / Demo / Contextual


      CTV, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

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      Who We Are

      Founded in 2014 by CEO Douglas Neiman, Navio's team has been involved in producing and syndicating premium video content across the web, mobile and linear & connected television for over 15 years.

      We have implemented digital video strategies since 2006 for major linear broadcast & cable tv companies, digital content producers and F1000 brands.

      How to Find Us

      Our offices are located in Santa Monica, CA.

      Email us at:

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